Bus Ministry


Bring Them In

The most recent endeavor of the Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church is the bus ministry. We want everyone to have an opportunity to learn about the Lord and be a part of His local church. Although this bus ministry is seems to lend itself to children we gladly welcome all to ride our bus and become a part of the Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church family.

We sing lots of fun songs while on the bus, play games, learn Bible lessons and grow in grace with many opportunities to win prizes and make great friends that will last a life time. We believe that the Lord has burdened our hearts with this ministry as a Church. Therefore, we will continue to serve the Lord and reach out to those around us. Our community needs the Lord and we want to do our part to get His Word and perfect love to these people.

Due to recent world issues the start of this ministry has been delayed; but, we certainly intend to be up and running as soon as possible for the glory of the Lord. 


Bus Captain picture coming soon

Bus Captain Team

Mr. Abe and Miss Rebekah are the team who head up the bus ministry at Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church. A brother and sister duo that keeps the actions of entertainment at its height. As siblings they work together well and have a heart for the young people of the community. Having grown up in a pastors home both have served the Lord in numerous church ministries. Both strive to embrace a sense of humor that encourages the children while exhibiting the required control of the time on the bus. Striving to enjoy the ministry, help others and bring glory to our great Savior, Mr. Abe and Miss Rebekah pray that you would consider allowing your children to ride the Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church. Give them the opportunity to experience church, get to know those valiant men of the Bible and learn how to please the Lord through His Word. Parents are welcome to ride the bus and attend any of the class rooms.

Thank you for your interest in our ministry and for taking the time to read this short snippet describing it. May God bless you!